Saturday, October 22, 2011

My DIY Photo Shoot!

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I kept trying to do this when he was a lot "newer", but these were taken at 5 weeks 5 days old.  I prepared the crib with his blue blanket from his MawMaw, and dressed him in a comfy white sleeper before I nursed him to a deep deep sleep!  I placed him in his crib after he fell asleep, and crossed his feet and placed his hand under his head.  That's about all I could do without waking him, so I just started shooting.  I have an old 2003 Olympus 5 megapixel with wide angle.  Nothing special.  The key for all you DIYers is lots of natural light and a steady hand.  I have lost my tripod, but I just steadied my shot with the crib rail.  I set my camera to "no flash", and this was the best results for the time of day and the abundance of natural light my nursery gets.  I love him and I love these pictures.  I think I will do a weekly photo session :o)  The hat is from etsy: BostonAveBabies

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