Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Blank Wall

OK, so I have a wall I call the blank wall because so far I have not decided on what to do over there.  It is the wall with the double French doors, so there's about 20" between the doors and the built-ins on the right side, and there's about 40" to the left side.  I don't want to extend the mural around the room, so I'm trying to decide between growth chart, painted wooden shelving, and maybe a piece of vertical canvas artwork.  If I do all three it might begin to look too crowded.  I already have the small wooden shelves, but they do need paint.  I can whip up a coordinating growth chart in a few days.  I saw this idea for an impressive vertical canvas piece and fell in love!
Marimekko Kaiku Wall Art
We came across this beautiful nursery put together by AlwaysMod customer Lisa and her family. Check out the great wall hanging made from Marimekko Kaiku fabric!
via: ohdeedoh
Marimekko long repeat fabric made into the large vertical wall art above the rocking polar bear mimics a colorful contemporary Finnish landscape.  The client took the fabric and wrapped it around a canvas frame.  It is stunning, and I would love to paint something similar to be hung on the right side of the French doors.  This could be a project for later since I am now just weeks from delivering.

Here is all I have on the blank wall so far:

Bradley and I painted these last week.  It was really fun to do this project with my 11 year old for his little brother.  He painted the W T R and I did the A L E.  We had a good time choosing the colors and arrangement.  When we were done, he said proudly, "I like it!"  What can I say?  It was a warm and fuzzy moment.

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