Sunday, August 14, 2011

Making a Mobile out of Felt

I cut and stitched all of these little sea creatures from felt and embroidery floss. I added round pieces of felt in varying shades of  blue as "bubbles" to each string to balance the weight.  I painted the dowel rods aqua, and then finished each creature off with some sparkle glaze.  I had a lot of fun making this mobile, and it was on a day when I really needed to stay off my feet.

The ceiling is too high over the crib, so I will be hanging it over the glider to jazz up my blank wall.  This will give baby Walt something to gaze at while he's having a bottle from Daddy   :o)

I bought way too much felt, but eh, it's only .34 per sheet.  The embroidery floss in a variety of bright colors was about $2.  I could have used free chopsticks from T. Jin's, but I splurged on a .59 dowel rod.  Everything else I already had:  glue, thread, needle, paint, scissors, sparkle glaze, and jewelry elastic.  I spent about $7 total, and these sell for $78 each on etsy all day! 


  1. Awesome! :) I'm going to make a felt mobile for my sister for her baby boy who is arriving in November. Great inspiration!


  2. I was inspired by various crafts on
    This was a lot of fun! The store was out of yellow felt, though :o( and, I love yellow! Thanks for the comments, and have fun making one for your sister. I know she and her baby will love it and cherish it always!