Monday, July 25, 2011

Crib Paint is Done

The hand-me-down crib was a very pale pink, so it had to be repainted no matter what.  I thought about dark teal, charcoal, tangerine, but finally decided on pale turquoise which was my first thought 4 months ago.  I was trying very hard to find a color to contrast with the wall color, but since I have so many other colors in my bedding and various accessories, I think an overall palette of soft turquoise works great.  We sanded the crib with scotch brand sanding pads, wiped the dust off and then got started with a non-toxic acrylic craft paint.  My sister, Holly, got the project started, and DH finished the job with help from our neighbor, Jim.  It was completed just in time for my baby shower.  Thanks everyone!



  1. looks wonderful! i'm doing the same thing & was wondering where you got your non-toxic acrylic paint?

  2. Hi Laura!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I used Ceramacoat brand acrylic from Michael's craft stores. It's about $1.29 per 2 oz. bottle, and it is safe for baby. I used 4 bottles total.

    Have fun painting your crib!