Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Curtains Fabric

OK, so I have just received my 8 yards of this new fabric, and I do think it will look great on the windows in place of the green.  The weight is quite thick and I could use it to upholster the chair and ottoman I'm about to go see (craig's list).  That would leave me on another hunt for curtain fabric because there are too many colors and patterns happening here.  My original idea was NOT "hodge podge" afterall!  I'm all about a good hodge podge, but I'm really straying from my clean simple tropical feel I set out to create in the nursery. 

My bedding should be here this afternoon, so I'll wait to make any rash decisions until I see it all together.  If I use this coral print to reupholster the chair and ottoman, I do have a back-up fabric in mind for the curtains.  I will prolly wind up selling the green fabric by Liz Scott for MODA.  It's from the Sugar Pop! collection if anyone is looking for 4+ yards of this fabric.  I pulled them closed so the color and pattern can be seen better in this picture.  I'm also considering a major mural change from simply fish, to perhaps jungle animals.  What do you think?  Anyone?  The quilt is primarily fish, however there is a hippo, alligater, birds, and giraffe on the quilt as well.  The little stool cushion fabric is also hippos.

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