Saturday, July 23, 2011

Welcome to 8 months pregnant.....

I had just found out one of my best friends was going to be institutionalized for the next 17 days.  She wanted me to come visit her at the Homewood Suites sometime before her release date on the 31st.  Or maybe she had said she would be on the 17th floor at the Homewood Suites?  I would need to listen to her Facebook voicemail message one more time over lunch to be sure.  We were eating lump crab meat, and the ladies around us were wearing peacock feathers that were occasionally morphing into odd looking purple flower blossoms.  The next thing I knew I needed to pee like crazy! 

Welcome to 8 months pregnant.....

Whew, it was all just a dream!  That lump crab meat was scrumptious, though.  Is scrumptious a word?  I think I'll click on spellcheck real fast to find out.  But you can't always trust spellcheck.  On Blogger, you can.  Let's see. Click.  It is a word.

Yes, I am a wee bit delirious.  I'm now 34 weeks and beginning to get a little scared about delivery.  It has been 12 years for me since my first son, Bradley, entered my "I can't remember what it was even like before him" world and changed my life forever.  What will it be like when this new baby boy enters the picture?  I can sense just a hint of jealousy from my 11 year old, Prince Brad.  Yesterday, as he sat pondering in the Dutailer (circa 1999) he said, "Walter's nursery is better than mine was." 

See what I mean?  It's been him, "Numero Uno", all these years.  Because of the long delay in fertility leading to the lack thereof a younger sibling, we have a bond like no other.  He has always had me to himself.  Of course, it was he who constantly begged for a little brother or sister, and we TTC and TTC some more.  I've had more POAS, PUPO, and TWW than any woman needs in order to keep their sanity!  Now it is almost D day, and as I was dousing my belly in Burt's Bees body lotion last night I still could not believe what I was seeing in the mirror.  At 34 weeks, you can almost make out the shape of their little body in there.  I cried in delight for a moment, brushed my teeth and went to bed.  Bradley is going to be the BEST big brother!

Then.  Wearing my mother's vintage 100% silk turquoise maternity dress.

Now.  Outfit by Old Navy, flipflops by Reef.  They feel like a cloud on my swollen feet!

Bradley in his Wendy's Walls nursery 2000

Here he is now with his stepsister, Chelsea, and yours truly.  This photo was taken at Chelsea's high school graduation celebration dinner and it was also Bradley's 5th grade graduation. 
I'm exactly 6 months pregnant in this photo.

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