Friday, July 1, 2011

Staying Busy: More Custom Orders

I have been staying busy in between blogposts and decorating my nursery with some sweet custom orders.  This client requested owls and birds with more lavendar and blue accents rather than pink since her baby is moving into her "big girl room".  The flowers and butterflies have been replaced with something she can enjoy for many years to come.  The quilt, which is from PBK, has geometrical patterns sewn from their signature blend of florals and polka dots fabric designs.  This is a set of two 18 x 24 gallery wrapped canvases that can be hung side by side or on separate walls.  The client plans to hang them from bold ribbons to create an elongated vertical effect above the full size bed.  Maybe we'll get lucky, and my client can supply a photo of them in the space!  I would love to see how the set looks in her room.

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