Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Began the Mural: First Banner Fish!

The first of several banner fish finally made it onto the wall last night.  I am planning a fairly simple mural compared to my usual projects around Houston.  There will be a graceful school of banner fish, a baby sea turtle, two seahorses, and I'll frame it all with some tall flowing sea kelp.  I'm also thinking about 3 jellyfish floating along up near the ceiling, but so many of my friends and family got stung this summer I might leave them out!  I don't want the mural to become too busy.

I was a busy bee yesterday!  I also went and picked up my vintage end table.  I searched craig's list for "vintage round end table" and came up with three good options.  I went with the closest and cheapest!  I scored a wonderful vintage two tiered round end table that is also the PERFECT height for my other CL find, the chair.  I think I will paint the table light green.  The lamp is on it's way too!  I'll post the table with lamp and chair soon.

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