Sunday, July 17, 2011

No Sew Valance


I am so flattered to have been invited on as a guest blogger for Project Nursery, my fave nursery design website ever!  Check out this great tutorial for your no sew curtains or valance project.  ENJOY!
no sew valance curtain project

Here's the new fabric on the long window.  I used heatbond to create this simple valance for a west facing window.  This window is above the changing table, and in the evenings the sun really heated up the room.  As soon as we hung the valance there was a noticable temperature drop.  I love how clean this looks!  I'll be working on the large window panels throughout the next week along with starting on the wall murals!  My DH needs to sand and paint the crib now that we have decided on pale aqua as the color.  It will be much lighter than the walls, almost white.


  1. I have a window like this in my bedroom. I just went ahead and bought curtains but it does look a little funny being so long on such a short window. Do you suggest I cut the curtains to achieve this look or just keep it the same as my larger window with curtains?

  2. I would cut it. I was going to buy ready made curtains for my nursery, but then I decided to make these myself to the custom dimensions. If I had bought curtains, my plan was to just cut them off for this long narrow window. Good idea! Thank you for visiting my blog,