Thursday, June 9, 2011

Built Ins are IN

The painters and the carpenters began this week. I love my built in wall unit! They had them done in a day, and I can't wait to see them painted pure white. I'm striving for the pottery barn catalog here. Can you tell? If only I had the Pacific Ocean outside the window.

I am having one change, and that is to remove the three rectangle panels across the bottom because it looks too formal for the nursery.  I just wanted simple beadboard under the window, but the carpenters got creative with the extra trim.  It's difficult to ask a talented craftsman to change something especially when it does look very nice, just not what I had in mind for the nursery.  Maybe a library or formal dining, but I wanted to keep these looking a little more casual and fun. Once it's all painted white and I get the hardware on the cabinet doors it will take on just the look I am after. Can't wait 'til Saturday, that's when they said they will be done with everything and the real fun begins.  I am normally very hands on, but I can't do any of this work.  I can decorate, though!

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