Friday, June 3, 2011

Baby Nursery Add-on

14 more weeks and right now we are moving very slow with our progress as I am getting bigger and bigger (can barely use the laptop over my baby bump).  None the less, I am just now starting to blog about it.  Here's what we've done so far:

After the slab was cured, my darlilng husband, Dale, began busting brick off the outside of the house for the framers to begin.  We are adding 14 feet to our master bedroom for the nursery area because all the bedrooms are upstairs, and I want our baby to be very closeby.

Jose and his crew had the room framed and ready for shingles and brick within 3 days!  Good thing, too, because we got a huge thunderstorm the day after the shingles went on.  At this point our master bedroom is only separated from the elements by a thin sheet of plastic.  At least we had shingles, and absolutely no leaks.  The brick didn't go up for a few more weeks.  Houston has been in a severe drought ever since that storm way back in March 2011.

The exterior is finally complete, but we are still working on the interior:


I will be posting my dream nursery on this website once it is all done.  The followers and members of the website can vote on how much they like the finished project.  If you are reading my blog and you would like to keep up with my progress over the next 2 months please follow me here.  I will post a link when it's time to log onto Project Nursery and cast your vote!  If you are designing a nursery right now, check it out.  I am not affiliated in  any way.  I just discovered it and I am excited to get my nursery completed now.  I hope you keep up with my progress and check back soon.  More posts tomorrow...nite nite.

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