Sunday, June 5, 2011

Yay! Hi Stacey

Looks like I have another follower!  Hi Stacey, and welcome to my blog.  Soon, I hope there are many more joining you.  I will be awarding 3 lucky followers a free 16 x 20 original gallery canvas in the Fall.  This painting can be a custom order or one of my designs from my etsy store, Sweet Dreams Wall Art.

OK, so I have finally decided that I will paint soft aqua walls and a white ceiling. I'm still trying to decide what to do about the window seat. If I have it built I will need it to be at least 18" in depth for comfort. I would actually like it to be wide enough for a nap, but chances are I would never fall asleep there when my bed is so close.

Our nursery is connected to our master with just a large archway between the two rooms. It's like one big room, really. Because of this, I am limited on wall space for other furniture. I will hang white curtains inside the archway for my gallery pictures I'll be submitting to so I can place a chair or even the changing table temporarily against the white backdrop as a curtain wall. My closet is going to be a boutique style inside one of the shelves by mounting a brushed nickel curtain rod under the shelf and just leaving it open. This will force me to keep the closet nice and tidy.

The contractor will be doing some repair work before he gets to the built-ins so I may have another day to take a think on it!

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