Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Got Paint!

My Blue Bauble paint is on!  I love it!  It is exactly what I wanted, and it will be so cheerful with everything I have planned.  Still pondering colors for furniture.  I'm thinking green on the changer and maybe a dark charcoal for the crib to go with the zebra waves rug.  The little chair in the corner is something I am repurposing from around the house, and I think I will paint it too.  Totally lost there for a color.  What do you think?  Help!

My Etsy finds came in yesterday!  See the stool and the pillow?  Digaliggins ROCKS!  Here's another view of the Rocky Raccoon pillow:
Here's my little rug from overstock, too.  It is very muted compared to the picture on the website, but I think it will work.

These little sea creatures will be my subjects for the mural!  I'm going to paint a school of them over the changing dresser surrounded by sea kelp and bubbles.

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