Saturday, June 11, 2011

Primed, but Not Ready

Wow, we thought we were going to need a  hotel room last night due to the fumes.  Of course, my sister, Holly, had a free bedroom if we really truly needed it.  So, we sat on the front lawn with the neighbors for hours and then decided it was OK to sleep upstairs since there is a separate return for the AC.  The primer had dried and there were no fumes at all upstairs.

The crew is still working on the tweex I requested, so the beadboard backing isn't primed yet.  Tomorrow, they are spraying the actual oil-based paint in "pur white" by Sherwin Williams.  It will need two days to dry before the "blue bauble" goes on the walls.

I know the wooden panels looked really cool on the ceiling, but it wasn't in the plan.  I chose inexpensive paneling from Lowe's that had plenty of imperfections such as grey spots around some of the knots that looked like dinosaur eyeballs, etc.  The white primer is looking great, so the white paint has to look even better.   Can't wait to get all this done and begin the FUN!


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