Saturday, June 4, 2011

Too Many Decisions

I got the call from the contractor this morning, and he will be here by 9 am on Monday.  That gives me tomorrow to choose a color for the ceiling and walls, to decide on an exact design for the built-ins, and also decide if I am going to install shutters or just go for an inexpensive window treatment.  The room is hot because of the cathedral ceiling, so I will need a fan for sure, and the temperature is the main reason I am considering the splurge on the shutters.  By tomorrow, hopefully I will have all the answers as to colors and room arrangement.  I want a soft aqua or muted blue on the walls - I think.  I want the ceiling painted white, but still not sure.  And, I think I want a window seat between the built in shelves, or maybe just shelves on each side, and nothing under the window.  If it's left without a window seat, I can use 2 upholstered chairs and a lilttle table in that space.  If I do a built in window seat across the 8 feet of window, I will have only one option.  I thought I knew what I wanted a week ago, and then I had to go and discover project nursery!

I'll get it together tomorrow.

Here's the nursery that started my career as a professional muralist, and that's my wittle pumpkin, Bradley.

And now...

He's so excited about becoming a big brother!

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