Friday, June 3, 2011

Hunting and Gathering

I'm in my hunting and gathering phase full swing even though my nursery is still not finished.  This morning Dale and I had some reality check that this interior will never get finished if we do not turn to the professionals.  I called a contractor and we should have paint and floor by Friday of next week.  Still debating over the built-ins.  I have been going through the house looking for things to repurpose and I have a sette and a chest of drawers that would go nicely in the room.  The chest of drawers was about to find its way onto Craig's List, but I'm definitely inspired by some amazing room ideas found at  I have a long dresser that matched the chest and as I have discovered the height it just perfect for use as my window seat base if I remove the legs.  The set is retro 1960's dark walnut finish currently, but I know a fresh coat of paint is in order.  Probably decorator white for these two pieces and a bright pop of color for the new antique.  I hate to paint this antique dresser, but bright color is irresistable.  Besides, my floor is a honey oak laminate I purchased at Costco, and this antique dresser is going to blend right into the floor with no contrast.  There is a mirror to match the dresser, but I am thinking I want to leave it off because it takes away from the changing table effect and it is quite ornate with lots of scrolled carvings for a boy.  I asked Dale and he said he likes it.  Maybe I'll remove it from its pivoting base and hang it in another place.  I could leave it natural and paint the dresser to be used for the changing table.  I want aqua paint on the crib which is Jenny Lind, a hand-me-down from my older sis.  So, I'm thinking fresh foliage green on the changing table.  Thoughts?

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