Sunday, June 12, 2011

I Think This is the Rug

I think I want this as the large rug (at right 5 x 8), but still not sure.  I would like to feature a school of zebra fish and other tropical fish that are striped.  When I saw this rug, I thought it would be a good way to bring in the orange with the aqua walls and the school of zebra fish. 

I have already purchased a small rug (at left) to be placed in front of the changer.  I found this at overstock, and the price was right for the small size, 2 x 3.  It looks very plush, so I hope it will be a nice accent to blend all the colors.

Original Swatches

Only one little problem so far, and that is that I have purchased fabrics before I decided on the colors of aqua, orange, black & white.  I think some of them such as the blues and greens will still work, but I bought some yellows, too.  The small rug has yellow so as long as they do not clash I think I can still use the yellow fabrics.

I originally bought the fabrics to be used as basket liners.

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